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Best performance is always supported by the right combination of Talent, Human Processes and Working Conditions. Michigan Consulting helps your company to effectively overcome the cultural gaps that prevent outstanding performance.

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STR & Head Hunting

The Right Talent

Michigan CS identifies the right profile and the key factors around your Talent needs. The STR service is the most effective and competitive talent solution for your needs.


Talent Development

Executive and team coaching

Michigan CS talent programs are instrumental to develop self-sufficiency while improving communication, teamworking and Leadership approach.


Human Productivity

The Right Working Conditions

Our methodologies and processes are instrumental to identify the right conditions to boost human productivity while operating in Mexico.


Human Processes

The Right Approach

Michigan CS consultants have 20+ years of functional experience in operations and Executive levels. We have the knowledge & expertise required to identify and develop the Right Human Processes. This is the key element to boost productivity and morale within your organization.



We really love what we do & our work on every project truly reflects that.
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What is STR?

STR is a structured model, developed and operated by the MIchigan CS Network to identify and attract the best talent in the professional marketplace

Its main advantages are:

1) Fastest approach to get best viable candidates

2) Effectiveness: Only high potential candidates are delivered

3) Low cost: This is supported by the capacity of the Michigan CS Network in order to make the correspondent research

Michigan CS operates its Network in USA, Mexico and Central America to ensure the recruited talent fully complies with the expected attributes for the current position and also for the next immediate level.

Selective Talent Recruitment (STR) and Head-hunting Services

Finding and Hiring the best available talent in the market is surely the most important strategical task every company should embrace.
Paradoxically, the great number of companies underestimate the importance behind this and invest a quite small amount of resources to this process, pulling down this to a lower secondary priority (especially whenever the company is under operative / financial stress). Consequently, the companies end up with personnel that has limited capacity to grow individually and that has limited capacity to contribute to higher collective performance levels.
Since more than a decade, Michigan CS has been providing STR and Headhunting services in Mexico, delivering great value to our customers throughout our STR platform.

The following questions allow us to explain the capacities and advantages of the Value Proposal behind STR

How does STR compares against the traditional Headhunting services?

STR does not make any kind of publications. The Michigan CS STR creates the right profile based on the needs and challenges of the open position and navigates through our consultants Network to find the right available candidates. The obtained candidates trough STR are highly recommendable, professionally solid and with the highest professional potential.

Is the STR service only recommended for large corporations or specific kind of companies?

STR has been designed to cover with the talent needs of any company, disregarding of its size. The STR services have been successfully offered in the Industrial, commercial and financial sectors.

Why mi HR department should use the Michigan CS STR services?

Having the best talent is a key factor to improve the collective performance.
Michigan CS is totally committed to resolve your talent needs in the best feasible way, allowing your HR department to be fully focussed on the Talent development approach and the creation of better working conditions to improve productivity.

Are the STR services only valid for directive (high profile) executive positions?

STR is recommended for positions at all levels, from technicians up to Top executives (including international positions).

Are the STR services too expensive?

Based on its superb effectiveness, size and capacity of the Michigan CS Network, STR has the most competitive price in the market (even more competitive than the specialized headhunting services).
Additionally, our consultants can design service schemes that could ease the access to this service at a very low cost.

If the open position is critical in time, is it recommendable to use STR?

STR is highly effective to find the best available talent to cover with the position needs. Based on the last, it is highly recommendable to use STR in these cases because there is no time invested in working on inadequate candidates.
The STR effectiveness represents the best value proposal as it allow the process to be closed in the shortest time frame in the market.

Find the Right People

The best way to feel the STR effectiveness is when you try the service value. The following link help us to get directly in contact with you to schedule a conference/meeting and explain in detail the great benefits that STR may bring to your organization. We fully guarantee your total satisfaction.
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  • The Human Capital is by far the most important asset in a company. Practically all organizations recognize this factor and create structures and processes not only to capitalize but also to develop it.
  • Under regular conditions, the companies fall into what is known as the Operative Staggering Flow. In these situations, it is very easy to deviate attention toward urgent and short term business matters. Mid and long term strategies are downgraded to a second priority (at best).
  • Process and structures to enhance communication, teamwork, productivity, value flow, and even profitability normally suffer collateral effects coming from short term distractors.
  • Lack of Motivation, of cohesion, of company identity and commitment, etc. are normal effects under stressful business conditions.
  • Hiring the best available talent is only a small portion of the challenge. It is required to invest attention in those processes that ensure proper talent development, alignment, and growth. A company that is not familiar with this area is a company with a compromised future.
  • In Michigan Consulting we offer consultancy in HR and Talent Management. We are experts in the human dynamics behind the business structure. Using proprietary methodologies we can:
    • Identify human opportunities for improvement in an individual approach
    • Work with the Management team to define and to implement programs aiming to improve the Right Leadership style (at all levels)
    • Improve cohesion and team working
    • Provide executive coaching at all levels
    • Develop individual development plans for each team member to enhance their potential
    • Create frameworks to promote and facilitate collective productivity
    • Develop and implement strategic talent development plans to comply with the vision of the business
    • Ensure the development of a self-sufficient organization

The Michigan CS Executive Development & Leadership Program creates the right framework for an enhanced human capital structure, able to succeed under the current and future business challenges.
We will be glad to explain in detail how this program is to deliver great value to your business. Get in contact with us and one of our executives will explain in detail the great advantages behind this program